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SKYTEE PCB.(SHEN ZHEN)LTD.. and SHENZHEN KINGSWAY ELECTRONICS LTD is SKYTEC (HONG KONG) LTD in mainland China production base, SKYTEE PCB.(SHEN ZHEN)LTD was established in 1988, has 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, the main responsibility to work,the export business; SHENZHEN KINGSWAY ELECTRONICS LTD the company was registered in 2004, mainly responsible for domestic and domestic business.
Factories located in Shenzhen City, Baoan District Fuyong Street Bridge Village Fuying Industrial Zone, away from Shenzhen airport only 5minutes by car. Printed circuit board production company, has been widely applied to communications, audio, home appliances, digital products, automotive electronics, medical machinery, office automation equipment and other industries and fields, the company is known for itshigh quality, on time, the lowest.

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